How to Do Panther Dining Hall in 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes eating at a new place can cause a bit of anxiety. Do I pay before or after? When can I can my food or will I be served? Do I leave my dishes here…or…? But never fear: we’re here to help you have the best dining experience here on campus.

The most popular food establishment at Florida Tech is Panther Dining Hall (or PDH for short). It is the main residential dining room, located in the center of campus, just south of the Clemente Center. PDH is an “all you care to eat” style cafeteria that features a variety display cooking stations including an international bar, pizza buffet, pasta to order, home-style entrees with carvery, grill, deli and panini bar, salad, dessert and beverage bars. Daily specials, monthly international dinners and semester midnight breakfasts make this place quite the hub of student activity.

Walking into PDH for the first time can be quite intimidating, so here are three easy steps to follow to immediately make you a pro diner in no time.

Step 1: Pay the cashier
When you enter the double doors past the building lobby, you’ll come across our friendly cashiers. This is when you’ll pay for the fantastic meal you’re about to consume. When you attend Florida Tech as a student, you’ll be required to purchase a meal plan for your freshman year, so all you will need is your campus ID. Once you hand over your form of payment, you’ll be all set to embark on Step 2.

PDH is busy during its annual Thanksgiving lunch. Photo credit: Florida Tech Crimson

Step 2: Survey the area
Though there are several daily staples such as the salad bar, pizza buffet and grill, many foods change from day to day, so it’s best to see what is available. Many people take a lap around the giant food stations before making their important food choices. Some PDH newbies tend to create a long buffet line, but you’re actually free to pop in which ever station you’d like and fill up. Now it’s time to create the perfect plate, or two, or three—remember, you can stomach as much food as you’d like. But don’t forget about dessert! In addition to the cake and pie section, there’s an ice cream machine, complete a with hot fudge and sprinkle station.

Step 3: Clean up
Once you are sufficiently full of food, it’s time to take care of the dishes. In the back left corner of the dining room, there’s a dish washing station. Place your plates and cups on the revolving trays, while saving any utensils for the chute to the left. And that’s it! Easy, right?

Now that you are a PDH expert, let’s meet at your favorite new place for dinner!

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