Panther Successes & Accomplishments – February

Zhe Wang, originally from Qingdao, China, has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Systems Engineering. He enjoys all subjects related to mechanical engineering, such as heat transfer, stress distribution, and designing mechanical projects such as formula cars and aircraft structures. He is interested in systems engineering because he wants to be a professional engineer, designing the best projects. He wants to integrate every aspect of the life cycle of an engineering project. His co-op is with Piper Aircraft. There, he creates solid models of parts, develops assembly drawings and installations, updates project specifications, creates ground and flight test plans and reports, and works with engineering teams to support the production and troubleshooting of assembly and operational issues. His co-op has taught him that accuracy and a comprehensive knowledge of the engineering project are the most crucial aspects of being an engineer. Research and the ability to adapt is what he believes will help students succeed after they graduate and work in the engineering field. His favorite part of his co-op is being part of a team that creates such innovating and high-performing aircraft. Zhe plans to sharpen his mechanical engineering skills while learning more about the systems engineering field. He recommends that students who are interesting in co-op first research the companies they want to work for and network with their employees at events such as the Career Expos, information sessions, and networking meetings. He advises students to be ambitious, humble, and hardworking.

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