Panther Successes & Accomplishments – March

Ayo Adebisi, originally from Nigeria, grew up in England. He enjoyed chemistry and mathematics in high school, and therefore chose to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. Ayo is a senior and completed his co-op with Allegis Group. There, he interned as a Software Developer, but also performed the job of Data Scientist through various projects and shadowing opportunities. He worked on defining, improving, and implementing metrics which his team used to define success. He worked as part of the Search and Match team, tasked with finding users the best results. The most valuable part of his co-op was learning the entire software engineering design cycle. His favorite part of his co-op was being exposed to the daily life of a professional. Allegis provided a great work-life balance, and high staff morale. Ayo’s goals are to obtain a MS in Data Science and work in either finance or sports analytics – any field which can be improved by making sense of the voluminous amount of data available. Ayo recommends the co-op program to students, so they can observe how techniques from their courses relate to the professional world. He also has learned that being exposed to professionals during their workday helped improve his interpersonal skills and motivation to finish his degree. He believes that co-op may also solidify a student’s interest in their chosen field.

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