Panthers Finish Second in Womens Rowing Tri-Meet

FELLESMERE, Fla. (women’s rowing) — Florida Tech hosted a Tri-Meet at Canal 54 with Sunshine State Conference rivals Barry University and Nova Southeastern.
The Sharks of Nova Southeastern proved victorious in the meeting winning both the Women’s Varsity Eight and the DII Women’s Varsity Four. All three
school’s raced three other Varsity Four Boats– A, B and C boats– racing in a heat races to place the boats into A B and C finals.

NSU edged Tech in the V8 race by a tenth of a second with the winning time of 7:27.0 and the Panthers’ rowed the 2,000 meter course in 7:27.1. Barry came
in third with a time of 7:49.9. The members of the WV8 included six freshman, two seniors and one sophomore led by senior coxswain Morgan Tweedie (Osprey,
Fla.) and stroked by freshman Laurel Borgais (Spokane, Wash.).

Other members of the boat; sophomore Jennifer “JJ” Johnson (Portland, Ore.) in the seven seat, freshman Cheryl Skibski (Tolland, Mass.) in the six seat,
freshman Amanda Saeger (Des Plaines, Ill.), senior Rachel Purvis (Brockville, Ontario) in the four seat, freshman-recruit Samantha Roman (Jacksonville,
Fla.) in the three seat, freshman Julie Mabry (St. Louis, Mo.) in the two seat and freshman Mikaela “Micky” Devaux (Gros-Islet, St. Lucia) in the bow seat.

In the Division II Varsity Four race each team must be represented by five separate rowers from the that are different from the varsity eight members. Nova
Southeastern took their honors with the “gold” time of 9:21.6 –46 seconds faster then Tech whowas second. The Panthers finished 40 seconds quicker than
the Bucs with a “silver” time of 9:57.4 compared to the Barry “bronze” time of 10:37.8.

Tech’s DII V4+ included freshman coxswain Ana Mantilla (Quito, Ecuador), senior stroke oar Safia Tappan (Sarasota, Fla.), freshman three seat Naomi
Bordrick (New Port Richey, Fla.), freshman two seat Paula Cicak (Clark, Mo.) and bow seat Mugdha Bansode (Pune, India).

In the Varsity four heats and finals Tech proved victorious in heat one with a winning time of 8:52.3 from their “A” boat, placing second in heat three
with their “B” boat and third in heat two with their “C” boat . In the finals, Tech’s “B” boat won the “B” finals with the winning time of 9:06.6. Florida
Tech’s “B” boat consisted of coxswain Tweedie, stroke oar Purvis, three seat Saeger, two seat Skibski and bow Tappan.

The Panthers “A” boat members were: Tweedie, Borgais, Johnson, Mabry and Devaux. Tech’s “C” boat members included: Mantilla, Roman, Bordrick, Cicak and

Tri-Meet Results:

Barry University: BU
Florida Tech: FT
Nova Southeastern: NSU

Canal 54
Head wind all day
V8- 8 to 12 mph
All other races- 10-15 mph (with gusts)

Varsity Eight:
1. NSU 7:27.0
2. FT 7:27.1
3. BU 7:49.9

DII Varsity Four+
1. NSU 9:21.6
2. FT 9:57.4
3. BU 10:37.8

Heat 1
1. FT “A” 8:52.3
2. NSU “B” 9:07.3
3. BU “C” 9:53.0

Heat 2
1. BU “B” 9:31.0
2. NSU “A” 10:32.3
3. FT “C” 12:02.0

Heat 3
1. NSU “C” 8:48.8
2. FT “B” 9:19.0
3. BU “A” 9:26.7


C Final
1. BU “A” 9:25.1
2. BU “C” 10:28.8
3. FT “C” 10:38.6

B Final
1. FT “B” 9:06.6
2. NSU “B” 9:30.5
3. NSU “A” 10:43.5

A Final
1. NSU “C” 9:01.5
2. FT “A” 9:42.5
3. BU “B” 10:06.9

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