Panthers Row in 2007 George Washington Invitational Regatta

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Florida Tech traveled north to row in the George Washington Invitational Regatta with fifteen other schools from all over the country
including many DI powerhouses along with other storied men’s rowing programs. Tech faced Temple, Gonzaga, Marietta and the 2006 Dad Vail Overall Champions
St. Joseph’s University.

Tech came home with one first place, one second place and one third place finish in the three separate Men’s Varsity Eight Races. Host George Washington
was the Overall Champions with 142 points resulting from 85 total races during the two day event including both men’s and women’s races.

Florida Tech, who only traveled with their men’s program, finished 12th with 15 points tying with Marietta College and higher than both Gonzaga and West
Virginia. The Panthers were only entered in three races this weekend. On Friday, their lone Men’s Varsity Eight event (race 24) the Panthers place 3rd
behind Temple and Gonzaga with a time of 5:50.1.

Today seemed to be a better racing day with Tech defeating hailing Dad Vail Champions St. Joseph’s by two second with a 5:42.0 winning time in the final
event (race 85) of the regatta. Earlier in the day the MV8 raced Marietta coming in second with a time of 5:51.3.

Tech will be back in action next weekend with the women trekking across the state to the Tampa Bypass Canal for the 2007 FIRA State Championships on April
13 and 14th.

Collegiate Men & Women: George Washington Invitational Regatta

Conditions: Temps in high 30s, wind chills in 20s. Winds 15mph, gusting to 24mph. Conditions changing often, worsening throughout the day. Occasional
large chop in second 1000m. Current and tailwind for all racing. Racing 8am-12:10, 1:15pm-4:30pm on six minute centers

April 6th, 2007 (Day One)

Men’s Varsity Eight –Race 24
Place Crew Finish Time
1. Temple 5:34.1
2. Gonzaga 5:35.9
3. Florida Tech 5:50.1

April 7th, 2007 (Day Two)

Men’s Varsity Eight –Race 57
Place Crew Finish Time
1. Marietta 5:42.7
2. Florida Tech 5:51.3

Men’s Varsity Eight –Race 85
Place Crew Finish Time
1. Florida Tech 5:42.0
2. St. Joseph’s 5:44.3

For full results:

Final Point Standings
George Washington 142
Cornell 135
Georgetown 105
Clemson 89
Navy 84
St. Joseph’s 74
Virginia 71
Michigan 68
Delaware 50
Temple 49
Iowa 37
Florida Tech 15
Marietta 15
Gonzaga 9
West Virginia 0

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