Passion Leads to Success

(Photo: Donna Scott)

Many people go to their jobs everyday and don’t love what they do. Perhaps they do it because that career type is what they went to school for. Or perhaps it’s the only way they know how to support their family. The truth is – following your passions into business with make your personal and professional life so much more fulfilling! For many, it is worth the risk.

Although you may not be able to quit your job tomorrow and go to pursue your dream, if you work at it, over time you can make that dream a reality. Passion is a natural form of motivation and drive, and when you are passionate about something, you put the effort in, and you can’t help but be successful!

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY guest author Donna Scott shares a personal account of how she and her husband’s passions created not one, but two successful businesses. Read more HERE.

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