Let Personal Passions Help You Drive Business Growth

(Photo: Deb Bailey with Summit of Seven members)

Many of us have personal passions. One of mine is dragon boating. For those that may not know, dragon boating is a sport that originated in China with 20 paddlers, a drummer and steering person paddling a boat to compete with other teams to a finish line. It’s a team sport and over time I’ve had the opportunity to meet some stellar people participating in dragon boating. Those teammates have come from both business and personal affiliations and have benefited both areas of my life as well.

Each of us have a passion – it may be work related or personal – but chances are there are crossovers. This week, Harris Small Business Specialist Deb Bailey wrote a great column in FLORIDA TODAY about how her work environment wound up contributing to the personal passions she pursues today.

We spend so much time working – wouldn’t it be great if we could incorporate some of our personal interests into the workplace? Interestingly enough, when you do this, the relationships you form can turn out to be extremely beneficial – not only to your personal world, but also to your job!

Click Here to read Deb’s column.

Blog post written by Beth Gitlin, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Deb Bailey, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on August 12, 2014 – The Edge: Networking brings professional and personal rewards

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