Planning my German Excursion

by Brian Silver, B.S Astrobiology ‘12

Before I head to Germany, as part of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals program (CBYX), I am heading to Washington D.C. The first event of the CBYX program is an orientation seminar in Washington D.C. which begins July 29, and ends July 31, the day we fly to Germany. The seminar will be held at Georgetown University. The agenda for the seminar includes lectures/discussion of cross-cultural issues, meeting state department officials, a group photo in front of the capitol, and activities to get to know the other participants. I am very excited about visiting D.C. for the first time, and plan to learn as much as possible while I am there, as we get ready to go to Germany.

Once I leave D.C, I’ve learned that I will be living in two different parts of Germany during the course of the program. During the first two months, I will be attending the Carl Duisberg Centrum language school in Cologne. Cologne is located in North-Rhine Westphalia, in Northwest Germany, which boarders Belgium and the Netherlands. After I leave the language school, I’m heading to Bavaria, located in Southeast Germany. Bavaria borders Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic. I can’t wait to see this beautiful country! Stay posted.

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