Presidential Management Fellows Program Finalists

The Department of Extended Studies is proud to announce that it has two student finalists in this year’s federal government Presidential Management Fellows Program; Rosa Cannaverde from the Virtual Site and Cynthia Flynn from the National Capital Region Site in Quantico, Virginia.
The Presidential Management Fellows Program finalists are eligible for developmental employment by the Federal government in positions designed to develop executive skills. They are employed by various federal government agencies on a competitive basis. As finalists, these individuals are eligible for these appointments, but are not guaranteed employment.

Rosa Cannaverde, M.S Management ’12

Rose Cannaverde is currently enrolled with Florida Tech and expects to graduate this summer with a M.S in Management.

Cynthia Flynn, MBA ’12; M.S Management ’91

Cynthia (Cindy) Flynn is currently finishing up her second degree from Florida Tech and expects to complete her Professional MBA in the Spring of 2012. Cynthia also holds a master’s degree in management from Florida Tech, which she received in 1991.

The federal Office of Personnel Management reported that approximately 9,100 applications were received. There are 628 finalists and Florida Tech is proud to have both Rosa and Cindy in the running for this prestigious program.

Congrats to you both and we wish you continued success in your careers.

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