Problems in the Classroom? Online Webinar Pointers Can Improve Classroom Behaviors

MELBOURNE, FLA.—Florida Institute of Technology’s Continuing Education department announces a live online webinar, “Behavior Basics – Boot Camp: Making your Classroom More Manageable,” featuring Meagan Gregory, BCBA.

This live webinar covers challenging behaviors in the K-12 classroom, prevention strategies for those behaviors and tips on how to determine when outside support is needed. Teachers will learn the basics of reinforcement, how to choose interventions, and how to take notes on behaviors while teaching.

Gregory is a behavior analyst and assistant professor in the university’s College of Psychology and Liberal Arts. Her area of expertise is on how teachers can implement various treatments for problem behaviors and how to reinforce positive behaviors.

Participants who seek to improve behaviors in their classroom may register for this online webinar by calling Michelle Mock at (321) 674-8382 or by sending an email to before July 27.

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