Professor and Alumna Have Heads in Clouds with New Book

MELBOURNE, FLA. –Florida Institute of Technology computer science Professor Scott Tilley and Florida Tech alumna Tauhida Parveen highlight the usefulness of cloud computing for software testing in their recently published book, Software Testing in the Cloud: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline.

Cloud computing has gained significant attention by providing ways to store applications remotely. With software testing continuing to be an important part of the software engineering life cycle, the emergence of software testing in the cloud has potential to change the way it is performed.

In their book, Tilley and Parveen have collected research by leading experts in cloud computing, providing their perspectives on current issues relating to software testing and data migration in this budding field. They aim to raise awareness among researchers, practitioners and managers about the useful applications of these practices to cloud computing.

Tilley holds a Ph.D. in computer science. He is a professor of software engineering and information systems, an associate member of the Harris Institute for Assured Information and a visiting scientist at Carnegie Melon University’s Software Engineering Institute. His current research is in software testing, cloud computing and system migration. He also writes the weekly “Technology Today” column for Florida Today.

Parveen, an independent consultant and trainer who specializes in cloud computing, is certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board. She has worked in quality assurance with entities such as Wikimedia Foundation, Yahoo!, Sabre and Progressive Auto Insurance. She has presented at numerous trade conferences, published several academic journals and organized workshops at international events. Parveen writes the “Exercise for Busy People” column in Florida Today and holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Florida Tech.

The book is available for sale through the publisher, IGI Global, and

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