What Does a Project Manager Do?

As part of a project management degree program, students will learn about a number of tools that help project managers do their jobs effectively. Project managers usually specialize in a certain area, like computer science, health care, construction, or one of a number of other fields. They have a series of specific responsibilities related to an organization’s projects and are tasked with overseeing one or more teams and projects.

As the corporate work has become more complex, a need has arisen for trained project managers with advanced skills.

project management degree
Project managers use specific skills and tools to lead complex projects for organizations.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

In any field, project managers have the following responsibilities:

  • To clearly define useful and attainable objectives and communicate them to the team;
  • To gather information, agreements, materials, and technologies, as well as the workforce needed for the project;
  • To manage cost, time, scope and quality, which are known as the project management triangle.

Project managers also deal with issues like quality of deliverables, investment and funding, team building, and risk assessments.

Tools For Project Managers

Software can also help with data collection and analysis to help keep track of all the different moving parts of a project.

People skills are important for project managers, since a major part of the job is bringing the best out of each member of the team and facilitating their interactions for the best possible result.

project management degree
Project managers need good people skills and an awareness of the organization’s situation.

One Project Management Degree – Several Different Types of Project Managers

The Harvard Business Review suggests that there are different types of project managers that work best for different kinds of projects.

The Prophet seeks to move the organization forward by challenging preconceived notions and seeking vision for new ways of doing things.

The Gambler wants to follow a prevailing strategy and take calculated risks that will bring rewards when the project is completed.

The Expert uses information to analyze the situation and find a successful path forward using well-supported arguments.

The Executor goes for the sure thing and uses business cases and reports to achieve success in managing projects.

It may be possible that the same project manager will follow different priorities based on the type of project and situation. Although project managers don’t necessarily do the hands-on work of the project, they still need to know all about the work the project entails.

The project management master’s degree at Florida Tech prepares students to undertake project management in their existing field of employment or other desired field. The degree is available as an off-campus or online program to offer flexibility to those already employed but seeking to continue their education.

In addition to regular coursework, project management student will put new skills into practice with a capstone experience in which they act as a project manager for an organization that needs help in that area. Skilled project managers continue to be in demand for organizations in many different industries as well as government and military entities. Learn more about our project management degree program today!


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