The reflective experiences of women in the workplace

(Photo: Jarin Eisenberg)

This article addresses issues that effect women who wish to advance their careers and struggle to do so because of existing systematic policies that traditionally have held women back.  Jarin Eisenberg stated, ” There is a lot being said about women in the workplace lately. The ongoing debate about the wage gap, the confidence gap, and if we are “leaning in enough” seems to have taken over the gender/workplace debate. With the exception of the wage gap in some aspects, a lot of the conversation has been centered upon individual characteristics that explain why women don’t reach top level positions. According to some, we don’t advocate enough for ourselves. We wait until we are experts in the field to decide we should be promoted, whereas men take on a position whether they are experts or not. According to Sheryl Sandberg, women have one foot out of the workplace before they even get started…”  I encourage you to read the article and find out why Eisenberg and Sandberg believe that women need to advocate for themselves if they really want to change the culture that holds them back in the workplace.

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Posted by Wanda Lipscomb-Vásquez, Women’s Business Center

The original article, written by Jarin Eisenberg, appeared in FLORIDA TODAY on June 3, 2014 – The Edge: Systematic policies hold back women in workplace

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