Remember Who Your Support Team Is

(Photo: Carol Craig)

Receiving recognition in your industry through awards is important to positioning your business (and yourself!) as a leader and resource. When these moments arrive, it’s important to make sure you remember the support network that got you there.

Your support network could consist of the community, your clients or customers, family, friends, trade associations or anyone who has helped you along the way. Calling out these individuals and groups not only shows your appreciation of their role in your success, it also allows them to celebrate with you (because after all, they are one of the reasons you are being recognized!).

This week’s FLORIDA TODAY guest author Carol Craig, founder and CEO of Cape Canaveral-based Craig Technologies, and founding sponsor of the weVENTURE IGNITE Mentoring Program, discusses what she believes has contributed to her success and recent accolades. Read more HERE.

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