Remote Sensing Expert Is Fulbright Faculty Scholar

– Dr. Charles Bostater, Florida Institute of Technology associate professor of oceanography and environmental
, will be a Fulbright Scholar at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia,in 2007. The nine-month Canadian-US Fulbright award, a
Visiting Professor, Research Chair in Airborne Remote Sensing, will begin January and be completed in December.

Bostater will conduct airborne remote sensing research during that time. This discipline relates to the placement of sensors on an aircraft to obtain
images of the earth’s surface. It differs from satellite remote sensing in its capability to offer very high spectral and spatial resolution images and
feature characteristics of land and water as well as subsurface and submerged features and objects.

The peer-reviewed position is offered through the Fulbright Distinguished Chairs Program. These positions are viewed as among the most prestigious
appointments in the Fulbright Scholar Program. They enable prominent and promising scholars to conduct research and guest lecture at select American and
Canadian universities and research centers.

Also the director of the Florida Tech Marine Environmental Optics Laboratory and Remote Sensing Center, Bostater earned his doctoral degree in 1990 from
the University of Delaware. He has managed nearly seven million dollars in grants and contracts during his professional career.

Bostater is also an organizing member for the International Society for Optical Engineering’s Remote Sensing 2006 symposium, to be held Sept. 11-16 in
Stockholm, Sweden. He will chair the conference, titled, “Remote Sensing of the Ocean, Sea Ice and Large Water Regions” to be held in Sweden during the
symposium. He has chaired this conference in Europe for the last five years.

He is one of approximately 800 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad to some 150 countries in the 2006-2007 academic year as a Fulbright
Scholar. Established in 1946 under legislation introduced by the late Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas, the program’s purpose is to build mutual
understanding between the United States and other countries. Fulbright Scholar award recipients are selected based on academic or professional achievement
and for extraordinary leadership potential in their fields.

The U.S. Department of State sponsors the Fulbright Scholar Program. Additional funding comes from participating governments and hosts institutions in the
United States and abroad.

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