Residence Life at FIT

One of the most drastic changes many of us will experience during our transition to college life is that of the transition into life on our own. I hope this blog post will assuage any fears felt by future incoming freshmen, because I have concluded that living on campus is AWESOME.
One of the scariest things about moving out is the prospect of having to live with strange new people. Luckily, it is safe to assume two things: first, that the people you’ll be living with are initially just as terrified as you are, and second that they’re actually pretty cool people. At Florida Tech, the student body is composed of really cool people who are passionate about whatever they’re studying. So, you’re dealing with people who really want to be here and people who you already have something in common with. I can’t speak to the communities forming within Columbia Village, but I know that here on the 6th Floor of Roberts Hall, there’s always a few students working diligently in the common room and they’re always willing to help out on homework. We have a diverse group too, with such colorful characters as George, the Greek with a heart of gold, Sierra, the cheerleader who is always watching our backs, Casey, the man with all the (right) answers, and Lauren, the most adorable Hawaiian I’ve ever met.
Sure, sometimes resources are scarce- we trade in ramen and Vanilla Cokes as opposed to dollars and cents- but we always seem to be able to cover a need. Our R.A.s are cool, too. Mark checks out a projector and screen and we play video games and watch movies in the common room (catered by the Rathskeller, of course), and Stephanie has an abundance of board games and good advice.
The housing itself is a lot better than the horror stories that I heard in High School. The folks in Columbia may have private bathrooms, but ours are convenient and awesome because we don’t have to clean them.
Oh, and one final note: When you’re doing your own laundry, it’s nearly impossible to mess up with Arm & Hammer detergent. Words of wisdom from the man who didn’t have to find out the hard way.

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