Resources Graduate Students Might Not Know They Have

Just when I thought I would know all research resources available to me after four and half years at Florida Tech, I was proven wrong. On of the courses I am currently taking is Aviation Safety Management Systems, taught by Professor Cusick, Ph.D., that is a very important and heavily researched subject in the aviation industry. In class, we were given a presentation from a Florida Tech librarian about some of the research resources that are available to us.

John H. Evans Library

The Evans Library is more than just a building full of books. This 4-story building has many resources available to you, right at your fingertips. The first floor is home to the help desk that can answer any of your questions or point you in the direction to get the appropriate help.

When you go on up to the second floor, you will find the Applied Computing Center with over 50 computers that have the necessary special software to complete assignments for almost any class.

On the third floor, you have access to thousands of government documents for your research. Lastly, the fourth floor of the library might become your sanctuary in college. It is the silent floor, perfect to get your work done or even take a nap on one of the four gravity chairs!

In addition, if you want a private room for you and a group of students, there are plenty of rooms that can be reserved with hookups to projectors, whiteboards and other useful technology.

Group Study Room
Group Study Room

Library Resources from Anywhere

The Evans Library website has been one of the most useful and convenient resources in my studies as a college student. When on the website, you have access to databases full of thousands of scholarly articles, journals and government documents in almost any subject.

Library Homepage
Evans Library Website Homepage

One of the best resources I learned about at the presentation was the research guides that are available online. The College of Aeronautics has a library liaison, Suzanne Odom, who is available to help all of the aeronautics students in their research. These Aviation and Aeronautics Research Guide website narrow down to resources that are specific only to aviation. You can search through books, articles, databases, journals, Internet sources, theses and dissertations. In addition, if you have a question at any time, just enter it into the chat box and you will have a librarian answer it for you.

In addition to the general aviation research guide, that are also several research guides specific to classes like Aviation Safety Management Systems. This research guide will point me to specific resources that will help with my studies on SMS and my term research paper.

It’s there, so use it!

One of the biggest mistakes a college student makes is not using all of resources available to them. It’s great to have resources like this that make it easier to find the information you need to execute proper research and classwork. You never know, a great research paper might impress someone that can get you that dream job!

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