Roughin’ it with Tri Beta

A while ago I posted about the Tri-Beta fishing trip and how great it was. Each week I talk about awesome opportunities that happen for FIT students. I love the opportunities for students to join organizations that like to get out and do things, like Tri Beta. Tri Beta is a great way for undergrads to get involved on campus, participating in Relay for Life, going on fishing trips, have biweekly meetings and go CAMPING!

I know what you’re thinking. Camping? In Florida? It seemed absurd to me as well, wondering how I was going to sleep in the heat in a sleeping bag, but the nights were the perfect temperature and the days were gorgeous. Teaming up with other members of Tri Beta and our adviser Dr. Grace, my weekend turned out to be absolutely incredible.

The first night we got to Jonathan Dickinson State Park (which is south of Melbourne near Stuart), we set up our tents and got a fire going, made s’mores and just hung out, getting to know each other more. In the morning we started our search for….well, anything. We looked for snakes, honeydew and other wildlife, finding some pretty cool things on the way. After a nice break for sandwiches, we headed off to the nature center and the beach! The beach was windy, so we didn’t stay too long but the nature center had really cool animals such as alligators and crocodiles that they took out for people to touch. That night we gathered around by the fire again to make hot dogs and hamburgers over the fire.


On our last day, we went horseback riding! The horses were gorgeous and loved being along for the ride, which they completely dictated, choosing for themselves when to speed up along the way. This trip really was a great way to get closer with the members of Tri Beta. The weekend was more than just going camping with the organization that I’m a part of, it was about getting closer with my friends. These are the kinds of opportunities that Florida Tech gives to students.

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