Salary Seminar

Dr. Teri Domagalski, associate professor of management, has some hints and suggestions for students who will soon be in the job market with their new
college degrees and hoping to make as much money as possible. Dr. Domagalski will lead a seminar on “Negotiating Your Starting Salary” on November 6
through the Florida Tech Career Services office from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the Link multimedia room on the second floor of the library. Admission is free,
but if you plan to attend, please call Career Services at extension 7575 or 8102 to register. Among the issues she will be discussing are your initial
salary offer; money and its importance in our American culture; how to handle questions about your salary expectations and your salary history; and the
DON’Ts of salary negotiation. Dr. Domagalski teaches human resources management and industrial relations. Her areas of interest in research are anger and
emotional labor in organizations; organizational justice; and employment discrimination.

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