School of Management Professors Get Busy

Three School of Management professors presented a paper at the 2003 Bell Conference at Florida Atlantic University in Fort Lauderdale July 17-19. Titled
“Event eco-tourism with an eye towards Hungary: Lessons from Florida,” the paper reflected the experiences and findings of Dr. Michael Slotkin, Ph.D.,
economics; Karen Chambliss, Ph.D., finance; and Alex Vamosi, Ph.D., economics, during their visits to Hungary in the summers of 2002 and 2003. Dr. Slotkin
and Dr. Chambliss also discussed their Hungarian experience during a conference of the Society For Advancement of Management in Orlando. The topic of their
paper presentation was “Promoting Nature Tourism in Hungary.” Dr. Vamosi was a co-author of the paper. Carolyn Fausnaugh, Ph.D., CPA, is attending the
Academy of Management annual conference August 1-6 in Seattle, WA. She is presenting a paper entitled “Understanding and Interpreting Business Concept: A
Small Business Perspective.” Dr. Fausnaugh’s co-authors are Wei Diane Shao and Ashley Lye, both of Griffith University in Australia. Diane Shao is a Ph.D.
student that Dr. Fausnaugh supervises at Griffith. The paper was written from her masters thesis work. In April LuAnn Bean, Ph.D., professor of accounting,
attended the 15th annual conference of International Academy of Business Disciplines in Orlando, where she presented the paper entitled “Blogging: A Tool
for Advancing Education in a Digital Culture.” Her co-authors were Florida Tech faculty Drs. Judith Barlow, David Hott and Donald Dement. Their publication
also appears in Biberman, J. & Alkhafaji, A., (2003), Business Research Yearbook: Global Business Perspectives – Volume X. Saline, MI: McNaughton &
Gunn, Inc. School of Management(SOM) Associate Dean Barbara Pierce, Ph.D. accounting, attended the SEAAA 2003 in Charleston, SC, in March and presented a
paper entitled “Distance Learning in an Accounting Principles Course: Student Satisfaction and Perceptions of Efficacy.” Dr. Pierce’s co-authors were Dr.
Vamosi and Dr. Slotkin. SOM associate professor Dr. David Hott attended the conference of the Production and Operations Management Society in Savannah,
GA., in April and presented the following: Daily Comparative Sales, co-authored with Dr. Judith Barlow and Dr. LuAnn Bean; Implementing Performance
Standards, co-authored with Donna Carson; and The Evolution of Mystery Shops, co-authored with Marya Breznay and Casey Willson. Associate professor John R.
Patton, DBA, recently attended the annual meeting of the Academy of International Business in Monterey, CA. The topic of his paper presentation was
Left-Wing Influences on Future Brazilian Policy Initiatives. Dr. Patton was also a reviewer for three competitive papers.

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