Second Seining Trip Success for Marine Biology Majors

A few weeks back, I posted about the Seining trip that BIO2 went out on.


The biology class went back to the Indian River Lagoon this past Saturday 11/19/11. This event was a bit different than the last trip mainly because of the temperature. Being from New England, I was easily able to wade through the water that Floridians think to be cold. In Massachusetts, water is generally around 60-70 degrees and here the Lagoon water was about 70 degrees, which is pretty comfortable to us Northerners.


Undergoing the same procedure, we dragged a sein net for about 100 feet at three different depths: knee depth, waist depth, and chest depth.

The weather was quite different from September. On the first seining trip, it was bright and sunny and on this past trip, the waves were a bit difficult to deal with, making it much harder to drag the net through the lagoon.

The coolest thing that we caught in my opinion was the flounder. During the seining trip we ended up catching a pretty big flounder that was NOT pleased at being caught. We also caught a pretty big stingray which was really cool because in September, we caught smaller ones, but this ray was quite large.

So what does this mean for marine biology majors? By coming to Florida Tech, you will get experience, you will have fun, and you will gain skills that will be useful to your major later in your career. These skills include seining, measuring, and fish identification. Those are just a few of the skills that you gain from Biological Discovery 2.

By coming to Florida Tech, you will take several classes that will help you build your resume, establish connections with faculty, and make friends. I have never been more sure of my choice of majors than when I’m out in the field. Florida Tech makes this possible for marine biology majors.

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