Secrets to getting straight A’s

A lot of friends ask me how can I get easy A’s in class? They assume I am just naturally smart and study all day long. Actually, they are not quite right. I do study hard but I am actually not a very smart person. So, how can I get A’s in all my classes? Here are my secrets for getting straight A’s.

1.)  I always attend the first day of class on time and remain focused on what is covered in class. This is when the professor will tell you what they will be teaching and how they grade. This is very important, since this is the point where you can decide if the class if right for you.

2.)  I actually do not take too many easy classes just to get an A. Each class builds upon itself, so it’s important to for me to nail the core classes which set me up for success in my future classes. The classes will become harder and harder, so you need to learn the knowledge and prepare yourself for the future.

3.)  I never avoid taking the classes that require lots of reports.  Actually, many people do not know how to write a good paper before they get in college.  However, people cannot escape from writing because it is a very useful skill in the real life. So learn it from the start.

4.)  I don’t easily give up when the class is full. I have been able to  convince my advisor and professor to add me to a class in the past. For example, you can say that you heard a lot of good comments about this class and you really want to study it. But, do not say you just need the class to make your schedule easier.

5.)      I always take advantage of my professors’ office hours. This gives me more one-on-one time and shows that I am interested in their subject area and have initiative. When opportunities for research come-up, professors usually select students who have illustrated some kind of enthusiasm for their course.

6.)  I always go to class and take lots of notes. You are wasting your money if you do not go to class; it’s the only way to get the knowledge you need from the course. Also, taking notes helps me maintain my concentration during the class and is good habit to keep. This is also a way to show your respect for your professor.

7.)  I participate in study groups. Study groups not only open up the possibility of making new friends, but they also help me better understand the material from different perspectives.

8.)  I always get my hands on some old tests and reports. Some of the professors may provide the old tests or projects in the library. You can go through all the problems and processes to understand what the exam style is.

9.)  I always start a report from my own internal knowledge base before I hit the library. I think the best reports come from one’s own ideas and not just information cited from books. In fact, the best report grade I received was done in this way.

10.)  I don’t negotiate my test grades with professors. If it wasn’t clearly human error, I don’t waste my time negotiating my test grades with my professors, I would rather spend that time trying to get a better understanding of the material.

What are your secrets for getting an A?

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