7 of the Best Underused Study Spaces

Finding the best study spaces on campus is a goal for many students. Without a good place to work, it’s easy to get distracted and not accomplish all of the work you set out to finish. Yet many students will flock to the same spots, making these spaces loud, hot and crowded. So instead of finding yourself joining in with the crowd, try one of these under-utilized study spaces around campus.

1. Newman Hall Lounge

Recently Newman Hall, also known as Mary Star of the Sea, has had a new lounge built in the lobby. Residents of the building and their guests are more than welcome to come and enjoy this space. Tables and chairs ore obviously available, but this space also provides students with a vending machine for some drinks and a television for any needed background noise.

2. Digital Scholarship Lab Sphere Chairs

If you are looking for a quite place to seclude yourself. The second floor of the Evans Library DSL has these really wonderful sphere chairs. When you sit in them, you enjoy a beautiful view of the academic quad while feeling cut off from the rest of the world. The best part is that you are in a central location between computers, white boards and group conference rooms.

View from the DSL
View from the DSL

3. Shepherd Building Classroom

Off to the south side of the Evans Library you will find a bridge. The bridge will give you access to the Shepherd Building. Although sometimes these rooms are filled with classes, these are a personal favorite of mine for group meetings. Large white boards and very little crowd will allow for a lot of great group work.

Shepherd Building
Shepherd Building

4. Center Court Dining

Whether you are in between classes, looking for a smoothie, or on your way to work out, the tables outside of Center Court are a great place to get in some smaller work. There is some background noise, and you will have plenty of people moving around you, but you really don’t need to worry too much about anyone being a distraction.

Center Court
Center Court

5. Student Union Building 2nd Floor

The second floor of the student union building is a great place to go and get some small work done. Much like center court, you are near to food, people and have a little bit of background noise. On the positive side, this place will allow you to watch television while you work. Tables can only really accommodate four people at a time so this space is best for individuals or small groups to work.

Student Union Building

6. Evans Student Center

A few years ago, a new student center opened up on the first floor of Evans Hall. This student center provides glass conference rooms with a projector, a computer lab, a study room, an open place to work and even a media room. Each of these rooms is open for studying, although sometimes these places are reserved. Then when you need a much needed study break, feel free to go recline and relax in the media room.

7. Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens on campus are vast. They provide the most outdoor space to study. Assuming the weather is right and that the bugs are at bay, the botanical gardens hosts a variety of good study spots. Most are individual reading spots with wooden canopies. A few of them have tables for you to work at. If you are looking for fresh air, the sounds of nature, and less foot traffic to distract you, try finding a spot in the botanical gardens or on their outskirts. Even at the end of some of the trails you can find benches or picnic tables which are ideal for study.

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