Shaikh Named to U.S. Census Bureau’s Race and Ethnic Advisory Committee

– Dr. Muzaffar A. Shaikh, professor and director of engineering management at Florida Tech, has been
appointed to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Race and Ethnic Advisory Committee on the Asian Population.

According to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Donald L. Evans, this committee’s role is to “provide a continuous channel of communication between the Census
Bureau and diverse race and ethnic populations.” Rep. Dave Weldon nominated Shaikh to the committee.

Shaikh said the main goal of his committee is to ensure that all Americans including Asian Americans are properly accounted for in the 2010 Census. His
role on the committee will be three-fold.

“First, I will assist the committee with statistical modeling, using my systems engineering skills to ensure that all elements, things like proper sample
size, for example, are computed the right way,” said Shaikh.

“Second, I plan on giving appropriate representation about all Asians including those in the Middle East to the committee. And, finally, I will advise in
the preparation of language guides to help facilitate the count in non-English-speaking areas.”

Shaikh said the focus of the committee as a whole is to ensure data quality is maintained in conducting the American Community Survey and the 2010 Census.
In the 2000 Census, a record number of Americans marked “other” as their race.

“We will be working with these issues as the Census must change to keep up with the changing fabric of our country,” said Shaikh.

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