Shh, I’m in the Jungle!

Everyone has different studying techniques. I simply cannot be in my room. I will end up watching Turner Classic Movies, on Facebook, and constantly eating pudding. (Sophomore slump much?) If I am in my room, I need someone from my class with me to motivate me. Here is a list of places that are good to study depending on how you do it!

The Jock
Evans Library. Four majestic architecturally-sound floors of knowledge.  The library has a computer lab, white-boards, projectors, and rooms for group studying. The library also has a huge, HUGE reference melting pot for all majors. Government documents and journals galore. If you can sit and focus, the library is an ideal place for a person who can sit down and focus. You can be easily distracted time to time, but when it comes down to it, do your work. Sometimes I just walk in for an hour between classes or so, and I can do everything including re-writing my review notes. You can accomplish so much.

The Strange
As the school likes to call it, the Botanical Gardens.  But, everyone else knows it by “the jungle”. If you have walked into our luscious jungle, there are paths that go every which way. You can find secluded benches near the river, near a bunch of trees or more closer to civilization just in case you don’t want to get lost. It’s really cool because the jungle has wi-fi, it’s quiet, and it’s surrounded by nature. Usually I go here to review notes or read my textbook.

The Nerd
It’s not really a secret, but Olin Engineering has a student lounge open to anyone. I basically call this room the “think tank.” Just a bunch of students studying all different things and sharing ideas. It’s comfortable, not as big as the library, and if you need help you just ask if anyone’s done this differential equation problem and someone is bound to help. I go here if I need help and I’m feeling social.

The Room-Next-Door
Literally the lounge is either downstairs on the first floor if you live in Harris Village or the Quad, or there is a common room before the bridge in Columbia Village, or if you are in Roberts Hall it’s near the elevators. They provide a more “family-like” atmosphere.  These rooms usually contain only the people in your dorm, so people you should know by now. They are also close enough to your room that if you need to grab something, you can, but not close enough to distract you. I go here for group study sessions or if I need help.


If you have any other cool/convenient places to study, leave a comment and let everyone know! Meanwhile clickety-clack these links.  Twitter Tumblr

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