Shopping, packing, and SHOPPING!

There’s only one week left; which means it’s time to start shopping and packing. Shopping is probably one of my favorite things about moving somewhere warm. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a chance to buy cute clothes?

After three shopping trips of not finding anything that I wanted, I finally went on a fourth shopping trip. This shopping trip was much more successful! I got tank tops, t-shirts, sunglasses, flip-flops and some minor dorm accessories. The thing about living so far away and flying to school, some of the shopping needs to be put off until you arrive on campus. They key is to get things when they’re on sale, it really brings down your bill, or going to stores that are generally less expensive than others, like Forever 21. Cute clothes, affordable prices, what else could you want?!

So after the shopping trips, I still had one thing left to do… PACK! I don’t mind packing so I thought it would be pretty fun, easy, painless, etc., only to remember that I still had to go through all of my drawers, my closet, and my storage containers… Let’s just say that after two days of working on my room, there’s a giant blob of ‘stuff’ all over my floor… There is seriously a bit of everything on my floor. There are books, clothes, shoes, laundry, hangers, tea makers, loose-leaf tea, and even nail polish. I think that it’s time for the actual packing to begin so that I can finish putting everything away and cleaning my room and actually be able to walk without falling over… A word of advice to anyone reading this; start this step early!

In the last week of being at home you should be doing fun things like seeing your friends and family before you go; not being stuck cleaning your room and packing for your next greatest adventure. The countdown continues and I only have six days left in Massachusetts and as always I’m ready for orientation and I’ve got that panther pride!


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