How Small is Planet Earth?

There are an infinite amount of galaxies in our cosmos. Inside each are countless stars each with their own solar systems. I only account for an infinitely small particle of the curiosity that has ever existed among the universe.

Then why do my dreams and aspirations seem so big?

When I was a child, I often times asked my grandfather what he studied in school. His sarcastic answer was always, “I took up space!”

It was a most ironic response. How could my grandfather do nothing in school, yet refer to the curiosity of all things in our universe? Perhaps this is why I am so intrigued to traveling in space. Space is nothing; space is everything.

I am here at Florida Tech because I have the opportunity to be involved in as many activities as possible. There is no explicit career path to becoming an astronaut, so I to need learn as much as I can here on Earth. Just like the words of my grandfather’s joke, I must take up as much space as possible to ready myself for the decades to come. I invite you to follow me in my journeys to take up space. The main flight deck is now boarding.

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