Light a fire!

Friday, May 18, third entry.  The time has come for the Florida Tech Biological Oceanography students to say good-bye to Oregon and return to our tropical paradise of Melbourne, Florida.

The final beach bonfire in Oregon was a chance for us to reflect on our experience and give some recognition, as well.

We decided to end our trip the way it began, with a bonfire at OIMB’s private beach. We spent a couple hours, making S’mores, eating smoked tuna from Chuck’s Seafood…

… and having our own recognition ceremony to reflect on friendships made, and things learned. Every Florida Tech student contributed greatly to this excellent group and they were all recognized. Morgan read to us a story of the sea god Neptune from her book of Sea Myths and Legends.

Holly Sweat – invaluable teaching assistant and designated course photographer!

Holly was a great T.A.  She worked hard and she is responsible for most of the great pictures we have to commemorate our trip – thanks Holly!

As the sun drew down to the horizon, the Biological Oceanography students moved to the jetty (see image at top of post), where we all hoped to catch a glimpse of the famed “green flash,” which may sometimes be viewed when the sun sets over the ocean – and atmospheric conditions are just right.  But, alas, it was not to be…  The Sun entered a far off Oregon coastal fog before it reached the sea surface. Perhaps this was for the best, as a dramatic green flash over the sea would have seemed like a very final sort of ending, and none of the Florida Tech Biological Oceanography group wanted this to be the last time they would visit this beautiful place.

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