Southeast Asian Trade Agreements

Dr. John R. Patton, associate professor of management, is presenting a paper at the Academy of International Business-Northeast chapter in Manchester, NH,
in October. Dr. Patton’s research interests are international business and global strategies. The topic of his paper is the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations (ASEAN) expansion of member countries and proposals of free trade agreements to liberalize trade in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Dr.
Patton, since the formation of ASEAN by five countries in 1967, another five countries have joined and several more are seeking membership. More
significantly, he says, China, Japan and South Korea may join ASEAN by 2008. This expanded framework and proposed free trade agreements could open new
trading vistas for international businesses. Later in October Dr. Patton is presenting a paper at the Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management annual
conference in Tampa. The topic of his presentation is Organizational Change Management in a High Risk Organization: the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration’s Manned Space Shuttle Operations. Also during the IBAM conference Dr. Patton is presenting a paper entitled “Defined Contribution Plans and
Ownership Plans: Some of the Changes Proposed by the Bush Administration in 2003.” According to Dr. Patton, the retirement plans and tax proposals of the
Bush administration represent the most sweeping changes in retirement plans in decades.

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