Student Earns American Museum of Natural History Internship

– A Florida Institute of Technology sophomore, Keri Salvador, has earned a coveted internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
She will spend nine weeks this summer at the museum studying radio galaxies.

Her studies, with Dr. Tim Paglione and Dr. Charles Liu, will involve use of the Hubble Space Telescope survey, COSMOS. In part, she will study the spectral
energy distributions and spatial distributions of these galaxies.

Radio galaxies emit radio waves much stronger than those emitted by our own galaxy. They receive their energy from clouds of superheated ionized gases
located hundreds of thousands, or even millions of flight years away from the parent galaxies. The origin of this energy and way it is converted to radio
emissions has puzzled astrophysicists since radio galaxies were discovered more than 20 years ago.

Salvador is from Laurence Harbor, N.J. On the dean’s list last semester, she also is treasurer for the Florida Tech chapter of the Society of Physics
Students and for Students for Exploration and Development of Space. She is also president of Florida Tech’s Martial Arts Association.

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