Student Earns Third Place in Science Research Competition

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Florida Institute of Technology biochemistry major, Ryan King, won third place in the Frank G. Brooks Award competition for his research.
He was among five Florida Tech students participating in the 2007 regional conference of Beta Beta Beta, the Biological Honor Society. The conference was
held in April during the annual meeting of the Association of Southeastern Biologists in Columbia, S.C.
King’s research presentation was titled, “High-speed videography demonstrates adaptive significance of infrared imaging by pit vipers, boas and pythons.”
His research adviser is Michael Grace, associate professor of biological sciences. Researcher Grace is noted for his work with these snakes, which have
infrared sensing capabilities, so that better infrared detectors might be designed.
The Frank G. Brooks Award honors undergraduate achievement in biological research. Recipients are chosen for originality, organization, evidence of
background knowledge and clarity of presentation.
Other Florida Tech participants and their presentations were Caroline Bauer, “Retinal form and function in juvenile tarpon;” Lyssa Boyer, “Study of soybean
lipoxygenase type-1 under non-physiological conditions;” Britney Pennington, “The regulation of mitogen activated protein kinase phosphorylation during
starfish oocyte maturation and fertilization;” and Erica Wales, “Alligator predation on non-native fish species.”
Florida Tech offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in biological science.

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