Studying Abroad in Cabo

By Glenn Cameron

I am the web editor for Marlin & Sport Fishing magazines and sometimes I get
to travel. Recently, I went down to Los Cabos to work at a billfish tournament. I
finished most of my schoolwork prior to leaving Orlando but I brought my laptop so
that I could do some when I was away. If I was in a traditional program
there is no way that I could have gone on this incredible journey.

Cabo is a beautiful place. I stayed at the Playa Grande resort near the famous “El

Archo.” During the day I sat in the tournament control room with my co-workers
and at night we had dinner at some of the best Mexican restaurants in town. Luckily, I
did get to sneak away on a couple of occasions to explore the landscape.

Cabo’s beaches are unlike anything I have ever seen. The shoreline has giant rocks
scattered along it. The rocks look like they are not from this earth. The fishing there
is almost unreal. You can find many different species of marlin, whales, seals and other aquatic animals. The place is majestic and I am happy that my internet marketing MBA allowed me the flexibility to go.

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