Summer Camp Explores Forensics

MELBOURNE, FLA. — Blood spatter, DNA, fingerprints, interviewing and psychological profiling. Such is the stuff of the forensic psychologists and scientist,
like the enterprising law enforcement agents who look for clues on TV’s “CSI” or “Criminal Minds.”
This summer, junior high and high school students can analyze “crime” scenes and learn more about the “HOW” and “WHY” criminals commit crimes at Florida
Tech’s Florida Forensics Camp. The week-long camp is set for July 16-20.
Activities include seminars, classroom presentations and competitions. Participants will work on solving the murder mystery, “Who Killed Charles
Wentworth?” The experience is designed to allow students to apply what they have learned. Participants may also compete in a “room of clues” contest,
forensics jeopardy game and experience a mock trial to determine the guilt or innocence of the murder suspect.
Day camp fees are $299. The day and night camp option, including room and board, is $699. This allows participants to get the full university experience.
For more information, call Florida Forensics Camp at (321) 674-8104 or visit
Florida Tech began the state’s only forensic psychology bachelor’s degree in fall 2004. Marshall Jones, who has a background in law enforcement, is the
university’s program coordinator and summer camp director.

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