Summer Fun

by Genevieve BeaulieuAerospace Engineering 2015

I figured I’d put in a post a little bit about what I’ve been up to this summer. Well, first things first, I’m currently in a paid engineering internship with BAE Systems, a mostly aerospace and defense company. It’s really fun going into work every day knowing two things – that everything I work on is all about providing advantages and safety to our troops, and that I’m working at a place that is really into a program that I’ve been really involved with called FIRST Robotics. Of course it’s also fun knowing a lot of the other interns and the team I’m primarily working with and getting to know the inside workings of a company that I’ve known for a while that I would love to work for after college. It’s a full time deal, but I’ve also had some time to do other things.

After finding out I made FIT’s cheerleading team after a video tryout, I’ve been training for it occasionally. It’s a great motivation and my workouts really have a good schedule now. I’ll definitely be taking advantage of FIT’s Clemente Center with some friends when I arrive on campus!

The other activity that’s taken up a good chunk of time this summer has been interning for a presidential campaign on some weeknights and weekends. I think no matter what someone’s views are, getting involved in a campaign is a great experience to network, improve business skills, and become immersed in the overall strategy of not only winning an election, but winning what you want in general.

And now for the more “summer-y” things… My friends and I got a season pass to Six Flags New England, so going there a few times has been exciting this summer! I love thrill rides, mostly roller coasters, and am so excited to go to places like Disney and Universal a lot more when in Florida for college! That’s definitely a perk :). It’s been hotter than usual in New Hampshire so the beach has been the place to be. Of course, SUPER excited for the beach in college too! I’ve also been spending a lot more time with my family, especially my little brother. He’s 10 years old and we’re such best friends.

Summer this year has been amazing, but no matter what I’m doing I can’t keep the countdown until FIT Orientation away from my train of thought! See you all soon!

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