Tech Finished Up Day One of Florida Collegiate Tennis Championships

Giel, Kessler and Pandre Advance to Quarter and Semi-Finals in Single Action

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Florida Tech falls in the one-on-one doubles in both men’s and women’s tennis, but #3 seed Belen Pandre (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
advances in women’s singles as does #4 seed Cliff Giel (Saveneta, Aruba) and Keith Kessler (Brooklyn, NY) in men’s singles action at the Florida Collegiate
Tennis One-on-One Doubles tennis championships at the FGCU Tennis Complex on Friday.

One-on-one doubles is a new concept appearing at the tournament this season. One-on-One Doubles (TM) is a half-court, serve and volley competition played
amongst two players. There is a divisible line drawn through the middle of the court from the center service line to the middle of the baseline. On clay,
one can use a regular court liner to make this divisible line through the middle. On hard courts, one can use chalk or white athletic/trainers’ tape to
mark off the middle line.

The rules of One-on-One Doubles is to play a match (8 game set, 10 game set, or 2/3 sets) where players alternate points from the deuce court to the ad
court. All points are played crosscourt with the alley included. All players must serve and volley on both first and second serves. Half-volleys are
permitted. The player returning the ball can stay back or come into the net. This very competitive game is designed for club play, junior tennis, college
tennis, senior tennis, and league tennis. One-on-One Doubles will reveal who the best individual players are with their serve and volley and all-court
doubles skills. One-on-One Doubles allows players to hit all of the game’s shots: The serve, return, first volley, half-volley, drop volley, lob, and

This weekends’ tennis action will be highlighted in one of two half hour shows directed by the Collegiate Tennis Academy Director, coach Ed Krass for Fox
College Sports and The Tennis Channel. Anticipated show times on Fox College Sports are: Sunday, Oct. 9th on FCS Atlantic at 7:00/7:30 p.m.; Monday, Oct.
10th on FCS Central at 12:00 /12:30 p.m.; Wednesday, Oct. 12th on FCS Pacific at 8:00/8:30 p.m. All three shows are Eastern Time. There will be re-runs of
both shows and The Tennis Channel has yet to release air times.

In women’s single action, senior Pandre defeated Krista Polulak (FGCU) 6-1, 6-1. She will face Samantha van der Drift (Texas Tech) in the semis tomorrow.
Freshman Nicole David (Fort Pierce, FL) fell 6-3, 6-4 to Natalie Anaya (ERAU) in her first collegiate match for the Panthers.

In the women’s doubles one-on-one action, Pandre defeated Lesley Passolt (FGCU) 8-5, only to turn around and fall in the quarter finals 8-6 against Liezl
Samios-Uy (ERAU). David lost early Krista Pollulak (FGCU) 8-6, but won in the consolation round 8-4 downing Lindsey Kurtz (ERAU).

In men’s single action, Diego Quiros (Quesdada, Costa Rica) fell in the first round 7-5, 6-4 against Tim Offerman (FGCU). Kessler defeated Brad Henderson
(FGCU) 6-3, 6-1 in the first round. Giel had the bye and will face Tompaki Yasuda (ERAU) tomorrow and Kessler will face #5 Sinan Sudas (UCF) in the quarter
finals. Newcomer Nicolas Bonilla (Atlanta, GA) fell 6-4, 6-3 to Yasuda in the first round.

In men’s double action, both Quiros and Bonilla had the bye in the first round. Quiros fell to #2 seed Juan Carlos Osario (FGCU) 8-5 and Bonilla lost Brock
Sakey (UCF) 8-2.

Giel and Kessler also had a bye the first round. Evan Specht (ERAU) defeated Giel 8-3, while Kessler was retired (5-6) after staining a muscle in his match
against Yasuda. This was a tough fall for Kessler due to his controlling the lead in this one-on-one doubles match.

In doubles consolation action, Bonilla fell 8-6 in a hard fought battle against Konstantine Lazerov (ERAU). Giel was able to come back and defeat Brandon
Delanois (UCF) 8-6 to finish his double action on a high note despite being in the back draw.

Pandre, Giel, Kessler and David will continue tomorrow in the tournament.

For more information visit FGCU website at: for the men.

And for the women.

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