Tech Pitching Coach Lee Stange Recognized in Boston

MELBOURNE, Fla. (Baseball) – As the Boston Red Sox gear up for another pennant race, the organization is also remembering
its 1967 American League pennant team. Florida Tech pitching coach Lee Stange was a hurler for the Sox that fateful year and remembers it
well.   “It was a great year and we had a lot of fun,” Stange reflected. “They say we brought interest in baseball back to Boston since the team
hadn’t done so well in previous years. That’s why they brought us back (to Boston) a few times this summer. It was good to see the guys again; we’re spread
all over the country now.   “It was definitely an exciting time for us and the fans,” Stange continued. “I’m just lucky to have been a part of that.”
  With this year being the 40th anniversary of that championship team, John Powers of the Boston Globe took a look back at what was an
improbable, yet amazing finish to the ’67 season, and chronicled where those players are today.   Click here to read Powers’ article.

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