Tennis Coach Recognized as Coach of the Year in Florida Division

MELBOURNE, FLA. — The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) recognizes Head Coach Bill Macom as the 2007-08 College Coach of the Year in the
Florida division.

“You can’t get an award like this without good players, and you can’t find good players without good coaches,” said Macom. “A lot of these players were
coached by other USPTA coaches who take them to a certain level and then I get an opportunity to take them to another level.”

The amount of other USPTA coaches in Florida is one of the reasons why this is such a great achievement for Bill Macom.

“There are a lot of good colleges in Florida and he was going against every coach in the state. A lot of people were up for this award,” said Stan Oley,
president of District 15, Macom’s district. “This is not a small-time award. It speaks highly of Bill and Florida Tech. He obviously deserves it.”

Oley praises Macom’s strong teaching abilities and believes that’s one of the reasons Macom is so deserving of such an important award from the USPTA.

Macom led the Florida Tech women’s tennis team to a 15-15 record while the men’s team went 15-12. He coached freshmen James McLane to regional and
conference honors in the student-athlete’s first collegiate year.

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