The 7 Benefits of Delivering On-Demand Training

Technology has opened up many new doors

On-demand training is a fairly new trend in the workplace over the last few decades as technologies–audio, video, and software–have advanced. Employees can now access this type of training, where it is available, from anywhere, at any time they want. Here are some of the benefits for companies of delivering on-demand training for their employees.

1. Convenience leads to compliance.

The 24/7 availability of on-demand training means that employees are more likely to comply with training requirements and not need to be reminded or censured for failing to complete them in a timely manner. Delivering on-demand training is also convenient for the employer or manager, who doesn’t have to lose an entire team or department at once or try to coordinate diverse schedules to get everyone together for a traditional training with an instructor.

2. Consistency of quality.

The quality of a training program has a lot to do with the instructor, which means training outcomes with different instructors may vary greatly. On-demand training will have the same presenter and therefore the same quality – companies just need to make sure they choose the right presenter.

3. Easy updating.

Being able to update once and have it updated for all participants going forward is much easier than retraining multiple instructors and rewriting materials. Everything comes from a single source, rather than from disparate ones that must be tracked down and notified.

The benefit of on demand training
On-demand training has many benefits for workers and managers.

4. Lower cost.

The up-front cost of software and production for the training may be higher, but once it is put together, it will not cost more than a few pennies for electricity and possibly some work time in order to train an unlimited number of employees.

5. Fosters independence.

Many people now prefer to learn independently, and on-demand training allows that independence while still making sure employees are given the right information. And for those who prefer to train separately, on-demand training options could gain the company goodwill by allowing this.  If you want to stress health and wellness in the workplace, this is one benefit you can provide.

6. Allows partnerships with experts.

An in-person training will be limited to the best expert who either lives in the area or can travel to your location (which is very expensive). But you can get a national expert to instruct a video training once and use it in any location around the world as many times as you have a need. Partnerships with local universities can also up your expertise factor for your on-demand training programs while keeping costs low.

7. Improved data collection.

If your training is set up the right way, you can use interactive features to collect data that will help you analyze how the training is being received and how employees are participating. Data can show engagement and measure whether participants are able to answer questions about the material with accuracy.

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