“The Brightest Stars Are Those Who Shine For The Benefit of Others.”

by Jamie Carey, Rotaract Club Volunteer Coordinator

Rotaract Club of Florida Tech is a service club. It was started by Cyril Thariyan and Jamie Carey. Cyril’s father is a Rotarian and taught him the importance of service. Jamie who was involved in a Rotaract Club before Florida Tech loves to volunteer as making a difference both in the community and lives of others matters to her. 

Both Cyril and Jamie saw the need to create a Rotaract Club at Florida Tech as Rotaract clubs bring together people to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership/professional skills while having fun through service. The benefits of Rotaract clubs are that they build community, help address community problems, assist students with time management, fellowship, career exploration, leadership, and project management. The goal of Rotaract Club of Florida Tech is to serve the community and others, while at the same time fostering growth in young people through direct volunteer efforts. Rotaract Club of Florida Tech is designed with the mission that all who serve develop the skills to be successful after graduation. We believe that connecting with the community begins with helping the community. Through helping the community, we learn, grow, and become leaders. By becoming leaders, we change the world. Rotaract Club of Florida Tech meets Monday’s at 8:00 pm in Skurla 116. All are welcome to join us! Together, let’s make the world a better place!

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