The Four Year Plan

By Jes Prior & Kelsey McMullan

By the time you are in college, you usually have a pretty good idea about what you want to do when you grow up.  Now you just need to know how to achieve your dream career.  Doing well in your classes is a start.  However, there is more that you could be doing to help you land your desired job when you graduate.  We have laid out a four year plan you can follow that will increase your preparedness for your career.


Freshman Year

  • Get Involved: Joining extracurricular activities, professional affiliations, and student organizations, is key to networking and getting to know more about your field of study!
  • Start a resume: It is never too early to start a base resume that you can add to.  Your resume will be constantly changing throughout your life.
  • Attend Career Fair and Employer Day:  Become aware of employers in your field.  This year’s Career Fair is Wednesday, October 2.
  • Be friendly: Build rapport with professors who can be a reference and resource down the road. This means going to office hours and talking with them.
  • Visit us: Work with Career Management Services and register on Panther Career Link.


Sophomore Year

  • Be a leader: Pursue leadership positions and stay active in your extracurricular groups.
  • Learn professional skills: Attend workshops about career and professional development related topics.
  • Attend employer information sessions: Go to sessions to learn about potential careers, ask questions, and speak to recruiters in your industry.
  • Intern: Begin looking at internships and part-time work experiences.


Junior Year

  • Plan: Meet with your academic and career advisors to discuss your plans.
  • Research: Look into your career field to understand prospects and desired skills.
  • Gain work experience: Look for internships or return to previous work experiences for more advanced positions.


Senior Year

  • Focus in: Narrow down career paths and prospective jobs you are pursuing.
  • Practice, practice, practice: Schedule mock interviews with Career Management Services and participate in on-campus interviews so you are prepared for real interviews.
  • Network: Attend the Career Fair and Employer Day to meet recruiters and hand out your resumes.
  • Stay Updated: Start monitoring industry trends and philosophies. This will help you figure out your niche and how to contribute to it.


By following this Four Year plan, you will be more prepared for your career by the time you are a senior.  Career Management Services is here to help you develop professional skills and obtain a job when you graduate.  Remember, planning now will benefit you in the future!

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