The Freshman Advising Center

by Jessica Ha, Freshman Adviser

::BLINK BLINK:: What!? Orientation is less than 4 weeks away!?
Although this means that summer will soon be coming to an end, it also means the first-year students will be on campus before I know it! If the idea of summer ending is sad to you, just think of it this way. It’s a constant state of summer here with a permanent forecast of warm and beautiful so it’s nothing to shed a tear about.

Some of you might be wondering, “So… what’s the deal with this Freshmen Advising Center (FAC)?” The center was created to serve as a central location for any academic and social concerns that a freshman might have. The advisors are here to assist the freshmen in their transition into college life and connect them with appropriate resources on campus. We, (the freshman advisors), have been working throughout the summer to prepare for the new students’ arrivals and are eager to meet them. Fall 2011 is an extra special semester because it marks the FAC’s very first semester at Florida Tech. What a beautiful thing!

One thing (or maybe two things) that I have grown to love about this place is WOW! How gorgeous is this campus and how nice are these people!? The new students are in for a real treat!

If I were an incoming student, what would I be doing with my next few weeks?

1) Relax!! Soak up summer, hang out with your friends and family, and rest assured that FIT faculty/staff will be helping you help yourself once you get here!

2) GET PUMPED! It’s going to be a year to remember!

Note: You must do the above things in that order… just kidding.

See you soon!

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