The Glass Time Machine in Evans Library

A Closer Look at Harry P. Weber University Archives

Behind a staff-only door in Evans Library, you will find a stack of rare books. To the side, an office of file folios with delicate papers and other odds and ends awaiting processing.

Erin Mahaney, university archivist for the Harry P. Weber University Archives, and fellow Evans Library staff are diligently arranging and describing these historical materials before they are carefully moved to their temperature- and humidity-controlled homes.

Driven by preservation, Mahaney collects, protects, preserves and fosters accessibility of Florida Tech’s archival treasures, some of which go beyond Florida Tech’s 1958 inception—think 10,000 years beyond.

Equipped with white gloves, Mahaney very cautiously pulls a few items from the sparkling glass shelves of the archives’ public display for a closer look.

Go back in time by scrolling through the photos above.

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