The Graduation Fears of an Electrical Engineer

The word “graduation” might sound fun, but it also gives sleepless nights to many. Being in my 2nd to last semester, I’m not so sure about what to do after graduation. Unsurprisingly, most of the seniors I meet are going through the same phase. I worked really hard to graduate in three years. Taking classes in summer and testing out of classes through CLEP and other equivalency exams was tiresome but worth the work. Now, about eight months from graduation, I sit to list my options, and I realize how scary it is to graduate.

As an international student, I had to take a student loan for my college education. Even though Florida Tech’s job placement rate for electrical engineering majors is quite high, paying college debt seems a daunting task. Whether to take up a job or to go for a master’s is not such a trivial question. The decision phase is of significant importance as graduation marks an important milestone in people’s lives.

With experience in the form of internships and research becoming a quintessential stream, Career Management Services offers essential guidance to help make a better decision. By organizing resume writing workshops, career fairs and offering a lot more services, Career Management Services has helped a lot in my journey. But as they say, the final word is always yours. Even after taking advice from professors, parents and other educators, my fear of graduation will remain until May.

Although, no-more-classes and  no-more-exams are one side of the coin, parental pressure, family hopes, rising college debt and enigmatic employment paths complete the flip-side. It’s a double-edged sword. Waiting until the clock strikes 12  the night before registration begins just to get all my classes before they are filled, finding parking and rushing to exams and persuading student assistants to extend project submission due dates are just some of the nostalgic moments that have comprised my college experience. A wide, never ending stream of such moments, along with future aspirations keep flashing in front of me. They haunt me.

Seeing freshmen now, I dive into those old memories of easy classes and longer weekends. Now, everything flashes by so fast. It’s like a new week starts every four days. The clock is ticking, hopes are rising and workload is increasing. Who would have thought graduation would be so scary?

Well, they say the perplexed mind is the one that messes things up. I’m talking to as many people as possible, keeping all my options open and trusting my instincts. At the end of the day, what matters most is doing what you love. Seeing so many people on campus ready to help, I feel comforted.

My advice to all the people graduating would be – take stress-busting measures, keep working hard, talk to professors and people in your industry, weigh all options against each other and plan early. And, remember, you’re not alone. Good luck!






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