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As a computer science major, I use a technology every day, but then again we all use technology every day. I use my computer for things like coding and other nerdy things.  I’m sure most of you enjoy going on the internet viewing everything from articles to pictures of cats and know how distracting it can be. My current addiction is, which typically distracts me while I’m studying.

Reddit is not only addicting, it can be a place to gain some inside intel.  You can read up on various articles pertaining to science, technology, politics and world events. The site is grouped into sections called sub-Reddits. These sub-Reddits are like homes to topics. There’s even a sub-Reddit for our very own Florida Tech! It was created by Florida Tech students and is a place where students can talk freely about issues or subjects they care about. There was even some discussion of having a Reddit meetup.

Interacting on Facebook is great and all, but sometimes having some anonymity is nice too. You feel more empowered to be open and honest without having to worry about your aunt Sally judging you. So for that, I prefer discussing topics on Reddit over Facebook.

But, with great power comes great responsibility…or something like that. Reddit can be very useful , but at the same time it can distract you from your family, friends, and loved ones. I might have exaggerated a bit there, but the point I’m trying to make is to try and balance all this content overload with your studies and social life.

This balance doesn’t just apply to Reddit, but also sites like Facebook and Youtube Avoid browsing them when you’re doing your homework. You will get your work done so much faster if you avoid the temptation. LOL-cats shouldn’t be involved with your homework,  unless of course you’re taking Civilization 2 with Dr. Perdigao (who uses them in class, in which case LOL away)!

So study smart, enjoy Spring Break!

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