What They Don’t Tell You About Florida Tech

The things they don’t tell you: About Florida Tech.

The idea behind my blog is that there are tons of lessons that people learn outside of the classroom, sometimes more important than those you learn inside it. So, most of my posts are about “the things they don’t tell you,” or the things you  learn by just doing.

When you decide to attend a college, your decision is usually based on class sizes, location, academics and all the other things they brag about during your tour. I decided to fill you in on some of the things they don’t tell you on the fact sheet:

  1. 20160302_180115There’s a tiki head hidden in the botanical garden – I won’t tell you where it is because half the fun is in searching for it. The botanical garden is a great place to walk around and to relieve some stress. So, maybe next time you need a breather, try to find the tiki.
  2. Olin Engineering is the only Olin building with vending machines – This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are someone like me who spends most of the day in the Olin Complexes, you get hungry. If you don’t have time between classes to run to the grocery, I suggest packing a snack!
  3. There’s an electron microscope in the tem_photoOlin Life Science building – If you don’t know what an electron microscope is, it is a microscope that uses a beam of electrons to create the magnified image of what you are looking at. Compared to a regular light microscope, electron microscopes can magnify a specimen in much greater detail. This piece of equipment is top of the line and Florida Tech is one of the few institutions to have one. It’s housed in the High Resolution Microscopy & Advanced Imaging Center in Olin Life Sciences.
  4. Free Stuff – While we all know college is no where close to free, there are a lot of on campus events that give out free stuff. Most of the time it’s food, but they also give out t-shirts, personalized key chains, and other cool things (I have accumulated so many t-shirts in my three years here!). Going to these events is a great way to meet new people and try new things.
  5. Florida Tech has an ice hockey team – The Team2team plays in ACHA Men’s Division III and competes against teams like Embry-Riddle and LSU. For more information, you can check out their website at hockey.fit.edu.

While that’s only a few, hopefully they’re interesting and helpful for your college experience. I can’t wait to see all of you this coming semester!


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