Thinking of Being a Physics Major?

If you see your future working at space agencies or doing critical space research, you’ll want to consider being physics major.

Through our dynamic and focused curriculum, Florida Tech’s physics major offers you the education and hands-on experience you’ll need to get your dream job.

Experience the excitement of observing phenomena

physics major
So you’re thinking of being a Physic Major

Majoring in physics puts you in a front row seat to observe natural phenomena as small as the smallest of particles to learning how these particles fit into the wide universe. As a physics major you’ll learn to solve problems, formulate theories, and perform tests to prove or disprove them. Problem solving will become part of your DNA.

Gain knowledge and experience

Whether you want to explore the mysteries of anti-matter, aid in the development of laser technologies, or discover new energy sources, a physics major will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience you need for a career in physics.

Become a lab rat, starting as a freshman

As early as your freshman year, a physics major begins taking major-specific lab courses. You’ll be exposed to the full spectrum of physics studies and research in a courses like ‘Physics and Space Sciences Seminar’. These kinds of courses will play an important role in your decision as to which area of physics you want to pursue.

Become a master in your field

When you get to your junior and senior years, you will find your courses to be rigorous, specialized and incredibly exciting. Some of the junior year courses you’ll experience are Physical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetic Theory. Heading into your final year a physics major you will find that you are already nearly a master of your field. The final two semesters consist of the most advanced physics courses and labs we offer. These courses include Introduction to Solid State Physics and Introduction to Subatomic Physics.

Find the career of your dreams

With our roots in the space program, Florida Tech has been educating and preparing students for careers at top space agencies and research firms since we began in 1958. Located on Florida’s Space Coast, only 60 miles from the Kennedy Space Center positions Florida Tech to uniquely prepare you for the highest career levels in physics.


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