So You’re Thinking of Being a Psychology Major

When you major in psychology, you will be preparing yourself to enter into the field as a working professional or to go on to graduate school for advanced degrees.

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Prepare Yourself for the Field of Psychology

Bachelor of Science vs. Bachelor of Arts

Starting out as an undergraduate in the School of Psychology, you can choose to pursue a psychology major with either a B.S. or a B.A. The main difference is the foundation of your curriculum. The great thing is that you can tailor your education to your area of interest.

In general, B.S. psychology major students will spend more time in the natural sciences and mathematics developing their foundation with courses such as human cognition, adult development and aging, scientific and technical communication, and psychology research methods. On the other hand, B.A. psychology major students will have it in liberal arts, foreign languages and communication classes.

At Florida Tech, whether you’re studying for a B.A. or B.S., psychology majors take degree specific courses starting in your first semester including Introduction to Psychology followed by Psychology Research Methods and Statistics 1 & 2.

Choosing a concentration

In your junior year you’ll have a chance to choose a concentration within the field of psychology like animal behavior, applied behavior analysis, clinical, forensic, industrial/organizational psychology, neuropsychology, social/cultural psychology or sports psychology. You can even combine several of these concentrations to help you further specialize in your degree.

Experience an internship

All psychology majors will complete an internship during the senior year. Internships offer you direct experience in the study of treatment options, course of treatment and prognosis. Whether you get a chance to intern at an early intervention center, a memory disorder clinic or a behavioral health facility your experience will prepare you for the workplace.

Get involved in research

Many internships also present research opportunities that allow you to collect data and analyze data specific to your areas of concentration and then use it to create a formal research project resulting in a university-wide presentation.

Careers for a psychology major

When you graduate you will have received in-depth preparation for work in behavior analysis, clinical psychology, criminal justice, social work, organizational management and law.

If you decide to go on to graduate school, you will have a strong foundation to succeed in any area of psychology you choose.


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