An Almost-Live Blog: Thursday, September 8, 2016

00:00 am (Thursday): I’m still up studying optics and I think I’ll make this post an almost live blog. So you’ll get a glimpse of what a day in the life of Sakhee is. Yes, it’ll be more like what Thursday September 8, 2016 was like for Sakhee. I have a good feeling about this. It’s going to be a GREAT day!

2:30 am: The Dragons of Eden is a good book, but it has so many exciting things to think about that my tired brain is about to throw a tantrum, good night.

8:15 am: Merelyn and Felix had a community interaction “Start your day with a smile” where they had free smoothies and random compliments. I really did start my day with a smile. Love you guys!

8:45 am: Senior Seminar #cosmicoranges #cosmictrash Dr Batcheldor has the Florida Tech Instagram account for this week. Here’s us:

Via @myfloridatech
Via @myfloridatech

10:00 am : Submitted my Program Plan to the registrar. All my graduation forms are in. I think.

10:03 am : I read this

10:45 am: Tabling in front of the SUB (Student Union Building) for Sports Spectacular. It’s really hot outside. Really. The kind where if I walk indoors, I can’t see because everything is black. I’ll be done a

11:15 am: Fall semesters are always busy but this one seems to just have hit everyone right in the face! It’s the end of week three already!! Signed blogging contracts, got brand-new Panther t-shirts!

11:40 am: Sarah told me I should be doing homework before I work on my bulletin board. Thank you Sarah 🙂

12:00 pm : Read about Martian dirt, and deserts on Earth. More about that later.

2:35 pm: Hi-fived McBean while biking my way to the library. He said, ‘I’ve never seen you ride a bike before!’ Hmm, you saw me on my bike last week McBean.

3:00 pm : Class. I love my In-Situ Resource Utilization and Mission Design class. I’m part of the team that’s making chemically accurate Martian regolith simulant!!!

Situ Resource Utilization class via @myfloridatech
Situ Resource Utilization class via @myfloridatech

4:00 pm: We changed our mission statement for the ISRU class. We are not ‘making’ the regolith simulant. BUT, if we do have an excellent proposal, we could try to take the project forward next semester. We just won’t be making it this semester.

5:15 pm: Sent out an email to my residents informing them that the water heater had been replaced. The old one was in use for about 15 years!

6:52 pm: “Aashayen” a song from the Hindi movie “Iqbal” is playing in the background as I am sipping coffee and reading a short story, “The Night the Roof Blew Off” by Ruskin Bond. I finish the story before the song. He is one of my favorite authors. I laugh as I read “…philodendron…” I love writing that conveys depth in direct proportion to simplicity of prose. That much-needed 3-minute break and burst of laughter also reminds me of the OSIRIS-REx launch in about ten minutes. I’m rushing out, bye.

OSIRIS-REx Launch from top of parking garage via @myfloridatech
OSIRIS-REx Launch from top of parking garage via @myfloridatech

07:31 pm: I missed the launch by 35 seconds, but I saw the rocket travel up further and then headed to the library to scan diagrams for my Optics Lab report. It’s weird and slightly scary how, two years ago, it felt like it was a crime to miss a single launch and now, I’m just like, ‘Oh well, that’s life. I’ll see the next one.’ However, the sky was pretty spectacular-I can never get tired of Melbourne skies, especially sunrises and sunsets. I would have taken a picture, but my phone’s broken (That’s a long story for another time). Jen waved madly at me from her car! Love you Jen!! Said hi to Bella on the way back. My coffee was still warm! Life’s true joys are in the little things:) Alrighty, I’m gonna bury myself in my Optics homework now.

8:35 pm: Visited friends in Roberts and CV. Talked about tennis. Received a ton of moral support from friends and from just realizing that there is a world outside of homeworks and assignments.

00:00 am (Friday):  I saw the date change on my laptop as I was blankly staring into space thinking deep thoughts. My favorite song is playing, I am solving physics problems. The world couldn’t get any more beautiful. Good night!

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