Time to Think

What is better than doing homework?

Doing homework on the beach!

One of my favorite activities to do after class is to take on the pristine sand and waves of Melbourne Beach, Florida. I honestly believe my academics are stronger because there is a beach so close to Florida Tech. More often I find myself doing homework in a beach chair rather than in an office chair. At first, I thought this was a problem. After thinking about it, this habit is one of my strengths.

My academic motto is, “Work hard play hard.” It is something my parents always taught me as I grew up. As my aerospace and aeronautics homework becomes more challenging, it is vital to have the encouragement of some down time. The beach is the perfect place. It ensures that I finish my work diligently so that I can surf afterwards.

The iconic beach vibe of the Space Coast keeps me stress free throughout all assignments. Who can be unhappy at the beach? Stress is certainly a difficult problem in college; too many students stress over graded assignments.  The solution is not to make assignments easier. The solution should be teaching students ways how to cope with academic stress. To face the difficult work in both the college of engineering and the college of aeronautics, I do my homework on the beach.

Florida Tech has a beautiful campus with fantastic diversity. I love being on campus. However, sometimes students need a break. It was different in high school because students went home every evening. In college, students spend almost all of their day on campus. Students should venture off campus; there is a whole world outside of the gates. Venturing off campus every once in a while gives students a chance to represent Florida Tech. Personally, when I am off campus, I feel a new sense of academic responsibility for the school that I represent. Upon arrival back to campus, I feel refreshed and ready for more work load.

Handling an academically rigorous workload requires great work and great play. There must be a balance. Even though I find my stress relief at the beach, others might find it elsewhere. Melbourne, Florida is full of great places to de-stress. Balance between work and play is the secret to succeeding at Florida Tech.


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