Tips for College

by Ashley

Sitting at my desk at my internship, I was racking my brain with what to write about for the first post.  Here are a few tips so get started before/during your college career.

1. Make bank.
I mean, not literally, receive payment for something such as being a waitress, pumping someones gas, babysitting, mowing the lawn, becoming a Youtube partner, being a “boss.” Trust me, you’ll want to go out in Melbourne or Orlando. So having some extra cash doesn’t hurt! Also look for a job in school, such as a workstudy or around campus.

2. Make friends.
I mean, never mind, I really do mean make friends. The Facebook page for your class is where you’ll find everyone you’ll see everyday. Even add sophomores, juniors and seniors if they seem friendly and don’t have a profile picture with a sketchy white van in it. It’s a fun way to get inside info, to know who is bringing a car to borrow/steal for shenanigans, and who will have the biggest TV screen to watch college football on (GO BLUE!)
BY THE WAY- Girls in sororities can not add incoming freshman girls as part of recruitment rules. But they are willing to talk through messages and lead you somewhere to get more information on anything.

1. Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.
Go sign up for information about clubs and organizations. Get so many fliers you need to start a recycling bin in your room. (Which you should have anyway!) Get involved. It’s so much fun getting to know different groups of people and getting yourself known on campus.

2. You’re young, go explore.
I’m a firm believer that we pick our majors at a time in our lives we’re we still don’t know much. So if there is a different major you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to talk to the department head. Ask if you can sit in a class. Don’t be afraid to change your major if it’s what you want and makes you happy. I did, and I’m ridiculously thrilled.

3. Keep yourself organized.
Keep a planner, dry erase board, or large calendars to remind you of everything. So much goes on in college and Facebook only reminds you of birthdays.

4.  You’re young, go explore.
This time, I mean Melbourne and surrounding places. I absolutely HATE it when someone calls this place Mel-boring. Only boring people get bored, because it’s what you make of it. Go to the movies, social gatherings, beach, little shops, a friends dorm and also events on campus. There’s always something to do, if not, GO AHEAD AND CONTACT ME. I dare you to tell me when you’re bored, and I’ll gladly get you results.

So those are just general tips, but here are some other ones I thought might help.

i. You’re young, you’re going to make mistakes. Stuff happens, to say nicely. Learn from them.
ii. If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. College is the time to find out what you want, and how you’re going to through YOUR life.
iii. People change, so do their intentions. As a result consequences. Live your life and love those around you, but realize they have their own agenda’s.

Don’t be afraid to let me know what you want to know or don’t want to know! Don’t be afraid to clickety-clack these links to contact me or follow me for more information. (Youtube channel coming soon!)



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